Elvis Festival PerformersElvis Festival Performers

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ElvisFestival.com Champions Circle

While ElvisFestival.com wasn’t founded until 2008, the ElvisFestival.com series of events includes Elvis Tribute Artist Contests that date as far back as 1987.  That year, the very first Images of the King contest (then Images of Elvis) was hosted in Memphis by Elvis’ veterinarian and Memphis businessman, Edward “Doc” Franklin.

Presented below is a complete list of those ETAs we proudly call members of the ElvisFestival.com Champion’s Circle.  Although some of these event no longer take place, we want to always remember our champions and the hard work they put forward representing the best of Elvis’ life and legacy.


Images of the King World Champions:

1987 Glen Bowles

1988 Michael Hoover

1989 Clay Smith

1990 Kevin Mills

1991 Doug Church

1992 Mori Yasumasa

1993 Ray Guilemette

1994 Steve Chappell

1995 Chris Young

1996 Mike Albert

1997 Darren Lee

1998 Travis Morris

1999 Irv Cass

2000 Ryan Pelton

2001 Stephen Kabakos

2002 Brandon Bennett

2003 Robert Washington

2004 David Lee

2005 Mario

2006 Franz Goovaerts (Elvis Jr.)

2007 Johnny Tompson

2008 Gino Monopoli

2009 Jesse Aron

2010 Ben Portsmouth

2011 Pete Storm

2012 Gordon Elvis

2013 Dwight Icenhower

2014 Michael Chambliss

2015 Brycen Katolinsky

2016 Ted Torres

Lake George Elvis Festival:

2004 Shanon Carroll

2005 Pete Paquette

2006 Kavan

2007 Justin Edwards (Robert Washington – 70s Champion)

2008 Gino Monopoli (Joe Ramsey – 70s Champion)

2009 Kevin Mills (Matt Joyce – Early Years Champion)

2010 Rick Lenzi (Mark Anthony – 70s Champion)

2011 Jay Zanier (Cliff Wright – Early Years Champion)

2012 Dwight Icenhower (Jim Barone – Early Years Champion)

2013 Travis Powell (Brycen Katolinsky – Early Years Champion)

2014 David Lee (Bruce Stewart – Early Years Champion)

2015 Michael Chambliss (Brycen Katolinsky – Early Years Champion)

2016 Tim E. Hendry (Jim Barone – Early Years Champion)

Myrtle Beach Elvis Festival:

2014 Austin Irby

2015 Di Light

2016 Ryan Pelton

Images of the King: Las Vegas (previously the Las Vegas Elvis Festival):

2010 Dwight Icenhower

2011 Oliver Steinhoff

2013 Jay Dupuis

2014 Adam Fitzpatrick

2016 Ted Torres

Georgia Elvis Festival:

2013 Michael Chambliss

2014 David Lee

2015 Tim E Hendry

2016 Di Light

Ocean City Elvis Festival:

2014 Doug Church

2015 Tim E Hendry

2016 Di Light

Indiana Elvis Festival:

2013 Tim E Hendry

2014 Doug Church

2015 Ryan Pelton

South Carolina Elvis Festival (Newberry, SC):

2013 Ted Torres

2014 Jim Barone

Sao Paulo Elvis Festival (Brazil):

2013 Di Light

2014 Edson Galhardi

Pocono Mountains Elvis Festival:

2010 Ben Portsmouth

2011 Mark Anthony

2012 Dwight Icenhower

2013 Michael Chambliss

New England Elvis Festival:

2009 Jim Barone

2010 Joe Ramsey

2011 Rick Huntress

2012 Ted Torres